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With new management interventions stock health can be increased. Focusing on Animal Health & Welfare your herd will be happier.

One new management intervention is to continually monitor the water quality at the trough and keep it clean and clear.

Removing contaminants from the drinking water source makes sence. Drinking Water at the trough makes up a considerable portion of the milk you produce. Consistently improve the water quality "at the trough" and see results as you would see results in your own health if you you had been drinking dirty contaminated water every day for a year, then start drinking clean clear water.


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On Farm Management

New Zealand farmers understand the importance of stock health and how that translates to export quality produce.
Add traceability requirements coming into farming standards and everyone is upping their game.
Long gone are the days of doing everything in house, contractors with speciality gear assist with workloads.
Farmers benefit by having more time to focus on other aspects of their business.
TROUGHCLEANING.CO.NZ trucks Service milk suppliers to Synlait, Fonterra, Westland Milk Products and Blue River Dairy.

  • Synlait
  • Fonterra
  • Westland Milk Products

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Our Trucks

Specifically designed gear makes the cleaning proces fluid and fast.

Meet Our Team

Our management team will meet you on site and walk you through the options available.


Our machinery uses organic fluids where possible. With fully biodegradiable oils and decontamination processes each service truck will meet your requirements


With big tyres our footprint is light reducing damage to fast growing grass.

Clean Clear Water

We deliver an exceptional service cleaning troughs and monitoring test results via eurofins lab. Seeing results generates more business.

Social Responsibility

Show the people who buy your milk through various outlets world wide, know that what their children drink is of the highest quality in every way.

Milk Quality

If over 90% of milk is made up of water then it makes sence to have exceptional water quality at the trough, all year round.

Animal Health & Welfare

The less times a year you have to drench stock they healthier they are. Healthy stock live longer.

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Water Quality at the Trough

Only Provide Access to Quality Water

Produce Evidence to your Buyer of Consistent Water Quality

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