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When women work out that their water supply is contaminated they do something about it. They just know that drinking contaminated water and being pregnant and raising a family and allowing children to drink contaminated water just isn’t right. Even drinking alcohol while breast feeding it is documented that the child being breast fed can be affected by the alcohol Mum is drinking. Consider consuming contaminated water long term and you need your head examined. You understand where I am going with this dialogue thread, so do something about it and call the troughcleaning.co.nz guys now. One of the team will come out and work with you in managing the water quality “at the trough” and the accessibility to other uncontrolled water sources on your farm.


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What our customers say

  • These guys even remove the bogs around the troughs, was great to see the farm transform.

  • We are seeing a change already in our cows, and it has only been three weeks of them having access to clean water all the time.

    Garry & Jo
  • Our cows now race to the trough when moved to a new paddock to be the first to have access to the clean water. They haven't dropped their calves yet.

    Tim & Maria

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